Compositional Data Package

Freeware, stand-alone, multi-platform software!

Over the last years, a new methodological approach has been developed for the statistical analysis of compositional data, following the approach introduced in the early eighties by John Aitchison. This methodology is not straightforward to use with standard statistical packages. For this reason we have developed a new freeware software, The Compositional Data Package, which implements at this moment the most elementary of mentioned statistical methods. This software is oriented to users coming from the applied sciences, with no extensive background in using various computer packages. The features of this new software are very wide:

  • Transformations between the real space to the simplex or viceversa such as the alr, clr and ilr transformations.
  • Operations inside the simplex like centering, perturbation, power transformation, amalgamation, subcomposition (closure) or rounded zero replacement.
  • 2-D and 3D graphical outputs like ternary diagrams, alr plots, clr plots, biplots, plots of principal components.
  • Compositional Descriptive Statistics.

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